Where do you buy your CYA?


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Jul 9, 2016
Valparaiso, IN
I've been pouring over the forum and pool school since we decided to put our pool in.
I've got a pretty good handle on the BBB method, but have a quick question regarding CYA. Where are you buying it from? I see Wally has Chlorox Pool and and Spa stabilizer. 4 lbs for approx $13.
Is that what I want?


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Mar 21, 2015
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I've been buying the HTH brand from WalMart also. But I have a lot of splash out this summer due to kids cannonballing and I am tired of the old sock. I'm thinking about buying some liquid stabilizer from Amazon just to try it out for convenience sake, although I realize it is MUCH more expensive.

Ease of use vs. cost

My HTH in a sock can take several days to fully dissolve even after repeated squeezing. Not very convenient.

Mike Hawk

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Oct 28, 2014
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Main thread: 2016 CYA Prices

backyardpoolsuperstore on eBay is selling 25lbs for $44.99!!! That works out to only $1.80 a pound :deal:

25 lbs Stabilizer Cyanuric Acid Water Conditioner Swimming Pool UV Protection | eBay

I added 6lbs of the eBay CYA a couple weeks ago, so I'll measure my CYA levels again to see if the stuff is any good. One ebay feedback said it didn't raise their levels, fwiw. I did some brief googling and it appears CYA should have a long shelf life if stored in a cool dry place so that's why I bought in bulk to last me a few years.