When to start building an in ground vinyl pool?


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Jun 16, 2019
A June with 100 degrees everyday convinced us to do it. The PB was busy of course so we agreed to a fall build and figured it would be something to look foward to the next summer. Well PB had 3 difficult customers (one mid divorce with the husband and wife fighting over pool style without knowing who was keeping the house) and he called me a few days later to say that my little girls reminded of his granddaughters, and he needed to get them swimming so the difficult customers could wait. They took a few weeks to line up the plans and 25 days of July to build. We still got a half season out of it so it worked out great in the end.

Redoing my yard and sprinklers in the August heat was awful. But at least i could hop in the pool to cool off. Most days i had to wait until the evening for it to cool off enough to be working. One night my wife looked out the backdoor at 10pm and saw me trenching with a post hole digger, spotlights and a 12 pack. She yelled 'What are you DOING???' I took a big swig and replied i was making the most of a crummy stiuation.