When to Open in Northern Virginia

Dec 24, 2017
Any recommendations on when to open a pool in Northern Virginia? I don't expect it will be warm enough to use the pool until mid-to late May, but there may be advantages to opening early so as to prevent the water from getting worse (I have a mesh cover, no heater). If I put off opening, should I be doing something to the water in the mean time while everything is winterized?


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Jun 7, 2017
Damascus, MD
I am opening this weekend and will be ready to swim in a few days after that. I have a gas heater though. If I was you I'd open and get a solar cover to increase you water temp as much as you can without a heater.


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May 22, 2017
I plan to do in the next couple weeks, but first I have to tackle my skimmer issue. I have a solar cover which should increase the temp slowly, but I am done seeing the winter cover and need some blue sparkle in the back yard :)


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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
I opened in MD two weeks ago because I had the time. Always better to be early to get ahead of the green algae monster.

I would not do anything unless you open. Open before water temp reaches 60. Though that can be earlier than you think especially if you have a mesh cover and the water level has risen and is touching the cover with sun baking down on it. Locally the water temp can be quite a bit warmer at the surface than in the rest of the pool.


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Jun 7, 2017
Damascus, MD
Wow Your pool looks great, I went through all the pictures. Nicely done.
Thank you! I removed all of the plugs today, turned on the automation and threw the hose in it. Almost to the bottom of the tile line. I can get into iAqualink and the lights work great but I will wait on everything else until tomorrow. I want to put the vacuum in but the directions say not to use it below 58 degree water temp and the water is around 51. I'll put it in this weekend though for sure. We are having like gale force wind today and the good thing with that is all the crud blows to one corner where I easily removed it all.


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Mar 11, 2015
Here in SE VA I had to open by early March when I was just using a mesh cover. If I waited until later, there was a good chance the water would be green.

After a few years of just using a mesh cover (and having to close late/open early) I started covering the mesh cover with a solid tarp. Since doing that I’ve never had green water no matter when I close or open.

Now I typically close early Oct and open early May.


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Oct 10, 2017
I won’t be opening until late May. We are going to be vacationing for a couple of weeks mid-May and I don’t want the pool to be open and unattended while we are gone.