When is this global warming going to end?


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Apr 3, 2007
East Tennessee
It has been in the mid to upper 20s here in east tn at night...I opened my pool 2 week ends back and now I am running my pump to keep my solar panels warm to prevent freezing. Pool dropped from 70 to 35. Well at least chlorine use is down.


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Apr 4, 2007
Livermore, CA
Ahh, y'all should come out to california - it's been gorgeous out here! On second thought, it's kinda crowded. And we don't all speak english. And we frown on all sorts of recreational activities. And our power/gas/NG costs are amazingly high. Maybe y'all oughta stay away. And maybe take a few people out of Cali while you're at it?

But the weather is awesome!

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Mar 28, 2007
Northern KY
:lol: drogers !!

We had flurries on Easter, after a gorgeous week pushing 80. If you average the 80 with the snow, you get the usual temps for this area in April, 60-70.

All the flowering trees are confused, or have lost their blooms... no cherries for lots of folks this year...


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Apr 5, 2007
Joliet, Il.
Thanks for the non-invite drogers ;) lol

We had flurries today :twisted: Ugh! Our poor Magnolia blooms are all brown and dead :(. About the only good thing, that I can see from all this, is that the stinky Bradford Pear blooms are also starting to die early. Those trees are all over our city, used as parkway trees. Boy do they smell bad!

Does anyone remember back about 15-20 years ago when the scientist were saying we were headed for another ice age.

Happy swiming all ;)



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Yes, it's funny how they go from one extreme to another. I'm not smart enough to know which side is correct. I prefer a moderate approach with some common sense mixed in. For my part, I try to make smart, eco-friendly decisions when I am able to do so.

Either way, I think lot more pressure needs to be put on China and some of their insane practices before we start banning lawnmower use in the afternoons (they tried to get that passed here in Houston.)