When is it safe to swim?


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May 28, 2010
Memphis, TN area
I don't think I've seen this question addressed anywhere on here.

I saw one post where a forum member talked about not being able to see below her thighs because the water was cloudy. Another member responded that he doesn't swim unless he can see the hairs on his toes.

Since I've been converting a swamp, it hasn't come up in my house until the last couple of days.

Right now, my pH is 7.2 and I just added enough bleach to get the FC up to 8, based on my CYA of 20.

The water is clear and inviting, which is a major accomplishment since I started with a black swamp filled with leaves, sticks, and mud.

There is a trace of cloudiness that I only notice in the deep end, since we had some algae yesterday. But, I have no problem seeing the main drain.

Can I let the kids get in the pool?


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Apr 16, 2007
If you can see the main drain, I don't see what it would hurt. You should be fine... just never, ever let anyone swim if you can't see a foot into the pool! It's very dangerous if one should go under, you'd never be able to find them til it's too late! Better to be safe and hot than sorry and devistated. :(


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Apr 14, 2010
Stephens City, VA
My general rule of thumb on other's pools is if I can see the drain we're in or if I can make out the pattern on a liner.

If it's green, cloudy that we can't see our feet, then no.

In my own pool, you'd better be able to describe what the pattern of chipping is on my toenail polish or it's not clean enough...kinda on the same lines as seeing the hairs on a toe. I'm just picky that way.

I don't hold others to the same standard...except the green hair kinda bugs me...my issue.

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