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We just finished having our pool resurfaced and replaced all of our pool and spa coping and stone surrounding our elevated spa. We are still in the process of getting our water balanced using the pool company to perform the start up. Our spa pours into our pool when in pool mode, when we switched it to spa mode this weekend to cycle it the pump will not get a full prime... We have tried letting air out of the filter release but that doesn't work. We can switch back to pool mode and the pump self primes just fine and the spill over from spa starts back up. Any suggestions as to what the problem could be? They will be back out again today and we intend to tell them about this problem but I thought I would try to get ahead of it by getting some input from you guys. :)
Are you referring the the electronic valve or the check valve? We replaced the check valve as the flapper wasn't closing all the way when off causing the spa to drain slowly into the pool. The electronic valve appear to be moving all the way. Could it be that the lever on the top looks like has moved fully when in fact the insides are not?


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Jul 7, 2014
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If the intake valve was not moving or even only moving half way, you should still get plenty of "pool" water to prime your pump.

For the pump not to prime only in the spa mode seems to me to be more of a plugged spa drain line. I suspect they plugged the line on purpose when plastering and failed to remove the plug, or plugged it accidently during the replastering and just did not realize it..


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I concur, have them remove the spa drain cover and see if they plugged it with crumpled plastic or a rag. Could still be in there.
Our lines were slathered over with the new plaster/pebble coat and had all matter of semi-clogged returns in the spa. They weren’t too careful with this and even our Autofill line was almost 80% clogged, requiring some arterial surgery to ream out the hardened plaster.
Let’s hope it’s that.
Spoke with the PB last night about the issue. He said he had never heard of that before... hmmmm Anyway, the construction manager is suppose to come out today to take a look at it. Fingers crossed for an easy "rag still in the hole" fix.
Ok so the guy came and checked the spa today and said that the washers in our valve are what is causing the air leak not allowing the pump to fully prime. He showed hubby by putting his finger between the auto thingy and the valve and had a few drops of water on his finger when the valve was switching. He also stated that he could hear "air" when it was in full spa mode. How do we find out what washers/rubber seals we need to get in order to fix that? Here is a picture of it. Any help would be great. I think that they are Jandy. Do I just need to google Jandy valve washers? Sorry for the sideways picture I guess i needed to rotate my phone.


You probably don't need the diverter, but for that price, it wouldn't hurt to keep one on hand.


Yes, that is a generic (Super-Pro), just as good,
K. thank you Pool Clown. We ordered the other one that same night. We looked at the one you just sent and wondered if it was all good since it was generic. Now that we know we will save that link in case one of the other valves needs patching up. Will be here on monday I think. We were wondering if we should go ahead and change the diverter at the same time since it will be open or if we should store it.