When Ahhsome bubbles white with no funk is it done?


Jun 7, 2020
Richmond, VA
I used Ahhsome per the directions. Got lots of bubbles and gunk. Cleaned the side a bunch of times and kept turning on jets until the bubbles stopped. Drained and refilled.

Now adding Ahhsome again. Only getting some black dots of stuff. There are a lot of bubbles and they are all white except for the small amount of black dots.

Does this mean it’s done?


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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
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Yep. Your second round probably just lifted up whatever was deposited when you drained the first round. Your plumbing is squeaky clean. Drain the tub, suction or blow out as much of the water from the plumbing as you can, and refill. Don’t be surprised if you have an elevated chlorine demand at first. Any residual Ahhsome left behind will get broken down by the chlorine you add so there could be a slight demand. After it’s all gone, the plumbing will be clean.


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Jun 14, 2020
Ahh-some dosage... if I'm doing the math right, per the instructions on the jar. I'm only adding .18 oz. For a 450 gallon spa. Doesn't seem right?
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