What’s up with Walmart


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Jul 13, 2017
Alexandria, VA
I had to SLAM my pool a few weeks ago, and bought gallons and gallons of bleach.

Chatted with my neighbors who are FBI (actually very high up the chain FBI, I’m in the DC area) about my use of bleach and laughed about them seeing my on a watch list.

No watch list for bleach, at least at the federal level. Buying Peroxide in bulk on the other hand will get you on a watch list. Who knew?


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Jun 26, 2018
Louisville ms
Sorry I’m just now getting back to this. I did order from them by on line for pick I ordered 12 gal of the 10% no problem and they had it the only think is the date on it said it was made on the 30th day of this year. That’s what they had in the back. I told them I didn’t want it to old. I went and looked on the self and they had 20 gals that had a date of the 121st day. So I got that 12 gals. I did talk to a different manager and she said they had no such rules they can sell what ever amount the customer wants to by. She would find out who said this and write them up because it sounded like they just didn’t want to order it. And she ordered me 6 cases of the 6% because it will last longer in storage I don’t have anywhere but a shed to store it. So I think I have it worked out I have her name now I will order from her from now on. Thanks everyone
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