What's too cold for S300i


Aug 26, 2016
Atlanta, GA
Hello all -

I have a Dolphin S300i, switched from a Gobi suction side cleaner this year, and love it...but was wondering how cold is too cold to keep using it?

I pulled it out about a week ago when the weather here in the Atlanta area dipped into the freezing temps overnight for a couple of days. My pool water temp dropped to 45F. We are just starting "leaf season" and I have pulled Gobi out and put him back in the pool. Now I remember why I switched from suction side to the robot. This thing jams all of the time and cannot keep up with the leaves like the S300i was.

I would like to drop the robot back in, but wanted some feedback from others on when you pull it for the winter season.

Thanks in advance!


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I store my S200 outside, so any time it is going to freeze (not that often) I throw it in the pool...

I have three robots that work all year long, winter or not. I have never had an issue.

Obviously won't work if you live where the pool can actually freeze over.


Jim R.


Aug 26, 2016
Atlanta, GA
Thanks Jim.

I've kept the S300i in the pool when not swimming all summer without an noticeable damage/issues, wasn't sure if the same for winter was ok.

The weather's been nice again so I'm thinking I'll pull the suction cleaner out and send the robot swimming again!

Freezing over has not been a problem here in the deep south...

Thanks - Chris


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Nov 7, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK
You should be good to go...odds of your 22K pool freezing in Georgia are pretty slim. Coldest pool got here in Oklahoma (similar winter to that in Georgia) was 35'ish. We got a very thin layer of ice twice, but that was when the temp was in the single digit/teens for a few days straight.


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Aug 19, 2014
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In the manual of my Dolphin E10, it mentions NOT to use robots in water 42 F or below.

Yes, it will still work if you throw it in anyway, but the harm will be to any of the internally
lubricated components as the "lube" is much less effective at that cold of a temp.