What voltage activates pool automation relays?


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Aug 25, 2017
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I have a Hayward/Goldline automation system. It has relays that look like this: Amazon.com : Hayward RELAY 3hp FOR AQUA OR PRO LOGIC - GLX-RELAY : Swimming Pool And Spa Supplies : Garden & Outdoor. I have a separate wifi 4 bank 12v dc relay that I use to activate 9 or so different speeds on my variable speed pump. Only three of the relays are used and there is one left. I would like to use it to activate the relay that controls the pools water feature.

Does anyone know if these Hayward relays be activated by 12vdc input? I tried to understand the diagrams on it but must be made for an electrician.

My next step will be to try reading the relays with a voltmeter and then some random experimentation!


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Jul 7, 2014
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Most pool automation uses 24 VDC coil voltages.. including the one in your link..

That said, I used to "liberate" 28 VDC coil voltage relays from the Air Force and they would work just fine off of a car battery.. Or so I hear.. :mrgreen:

Can't hurt to try it...


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Mar 2, 2011
The relays are Omron G7L-2A-BUBJ-CB DC24 (24 volt dc coil).

The Must Operate Voltage is 18 VDC. So, it will operate at 18 volts, but it might not operate at less than 18 volts.

The Must Release Voltage is 3.6 VDC. So, it definitely won’t work below 3.6 volts.

Between 3.6 volts and 18 volts, it might work or not.

Just get a 12 volt DC version of the relay and it should work for you.

The same relays in a 12 volt DC versions are shown below.

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