What type of fungus causes white water mold?


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Aug 26, 2016
Berks County, PA
All I find just about everywhere on the internet is that WWM is caused by "an organically occurring fungus...animal rather than vegetable". Does anyone know exactly what type of fungus we're talking about here? Even more importantly, is it possible that when a farmer cuts / rakes his fields - if the field is very near the pool (my case) - can the fungus responsible for causing WWM be blown into the pool, thereby creating a bloom that otherwise may well not have occurred? Or is there no connection whatsoever between these two? My pool has been clear ever since opening in May, but as soon as the farmers ran through their fields immediately after the 4th - went on for several days- I now have a blue/white pool and can barely see the bottom step. I brushed and vacuumed and will be keeping close tabs on the peroxide level, etc. Seems that if I run into any temporary problems during the season it's always either when the water is in the mid-80s (although that didn't seem to be the case the past few seasons) OR the aforementioned farm activity. Yesterday the guy came through and applied liquid fertilizer that probably drifted over in the light breeze that was taking place at the time (how nice....could smell it afterwards...probably should not have even been outside).