What to do with CC levels under 0.5

May 23, 2008
My CC level is testing at 0.2 this morning. Do I need to bring my chlorine level to a shock level? What I've read you don't need to shock unless your CC gets to 0.5 or above. Using my Taylor 2006 kit, I added the 5 drops for to test for CC and it showed a little pink. appears to only be around 0.2. Do I need to raise the FC to a shock level or would just bringing it up to around 6-7 do the job? This happened last week and I shocked the pool and the CC level was gone. Was hoping this was normal after a weekend of swimming.

PH 7.2
TA 90
FC 3.2
CC 0.2
CYA 20-30


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May 7, 2007
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The more detailed rule is to not worry about CC if it only takes one drop of reagent to clear the pink. If you are testing so that one drop is 0.2 then don't worry as long as CC is 0.2 or lower. We normally simplify that to just say 0.5 because most people test so that one drop counts as 0.5.

CC is just starting to become an irritant around 0.4. Most public pool heath codes allow levels as high as 0.5. Regardless, the goal for an outdoor pool is to keep CC very near zero at all times. It doesn't take much for the test to show one drop of CC, so we allow that.
May 23, 2008
Thanks for the answers guys. Looks like I have nothing to worry about. Bought some bleach yesterday and plan on adding some tonight. My first experience of the BBB method....you guys got me.