What to do when starting with no pump for a few days?


May 5, 2020
We need to know what to do (which chemicals) to start our pool with no pump for about 3 days. We have the plugs in right now and no pump hooked up. The pool is still filling with water right now. I was thinking I should add about 1/4 pound of shock (1/4 bag) to a 5 gal bucket with water and dissolve it really well and then distribute to the pool (once full) to help keep algae from growing until our pump is up and running later this week...but I’m not sure.

We finally got our ground level, the pink foam board down, and are currently filling up our new 15 X 48 easy set Intex pool. BUT the hoses and attachments for the Intex sand pump/SWG won’t be delivered until Tuesday because of high volume delays at Intex.

As advised by some on this site, we have purchased for use during the season liquid cholorine powder, shock, conditioner and pool salt. We will be using Neosand in the sand filter. We have also purchased some water test strips and one of the more in-depth water tester kits suggested on this forum. We also have a solar cover we are going to use to help keep the heat from escaping in the evenings. And we got the Intex autovac for above ground pools. We are in Atlanta and the weather should be warm and dry, but who knows.