What to do until I can remodel

Help! moved last summer, I did a lot of reading on here and kept the pool going with very high CYA (100ish) last year. Prior owners used bleach pucks. I was able to keep the water looking clear and did not use tons of chlorine. Season ended and I did not do much (thinking I was going to remodel)....fast forward need to wait a year or two to get the remodel we want. Now I have some green algae and still have high CYA.

If you had this issue would you:
1) Knowing it just has to get it through this years swim season, SLAM with lots of bleach? and ride it out?
2) Partial drain and fill (pool math says 56% of about 25k pool) then SLAM (water is not cheap to come by)
3) Full drain and paint (I know most people hate that idea on here, but it would be only for 2 years max). Worth the money to make it look nice for 2 years? I'd do the work myself. (kinda if you have to take that much water out, might as well paint kinda plan)
4) Something else??

Thanks for the help!


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Jul 10, 2012
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If your pool is holding water I would drain to bring down CYA then SLAM. Why waste your time, effort and money painting it?

OR use math to figure out which way would be cheaper:

-$$ of chlorine to SLAM and to keep the FC up for the summer

-$$ for new water and smaller SLAM

I would not bother painting as it will make life harder when it is time to replaster it.