What to do about spillover spa?

Ok things are starting to move quickly and Im nearing the completion of my freeform diy pool build. One big problem is the spillover spa we purchased is still 3 months out from delivery. I havw the plumbing set up and lighting conduit run and ready, but otherwise a hole in the ground. Im trying to figure out how install my coping and pour concrete while leaving a hole that wont collapse. We have heavy clay soil so everything is backfilled with 2B limestone.

Cinder block wall maybe?
Can you post a pic of what you are working with? That will give us a solid base to work from.

The plan is for the spillover to be installed in this reverse radius. Here what we're seeing around the sight... both 2inch flex to and from the main pump, chose rigid 2 inch for the boost pump, and an electrical conduit line. The pool lighting conduit can be moved as necessary to accomodate, and they each go to a nearby Jbox.

My idea is for the spa end nearest to pool with the spillover to be one foot away from the edge thus eliminating the need for me to cut the precast coping stones and keep the coping collar as a continuous unit around the pool. Extending the waterfall part is something i might have to do, but the spout does measure 17 5/8 inches according to the mfg diagram. Not worried about that.

Im trying to avoid prepping then backfilling and reexcavating later for numerous reasons. Want it to be as plug and play as installing a spillover can be. Im just fearful the backfill will slide and cause stress failure of the coping collar.

But the other part of me is saying its an 88 inch diameter spa so only really gonna be a couple feet at max affected and not to sweat it, just pour the spa pad, backfill and move on. not sure though.


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Do you have a link to the spill over/spa? Does it say what needs to go under it? It will take quite a bit to support it is my thinking. You will NOT want to have to redo it that is for sure.
Sure, it's 4 inch minimum concrete min 4000psi then add several inches of sand or limestone sand to level, level and ensure all weight is directed only on the slab, no weight on the upper lip. plumb and then backfill with sand or limestone sand, never use soil. Thats what i have.
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