What the heck happened?

Jun 5, 2012
Following the advice I'd received on here, our pool was looking great. Chemical levels were all in check and the water was a nice clear blue.

Yesterday evening the water level was a little low so we put the hose in the pool. Unfortunately both my husband and I forgot about it and we ended up adding about 4-5 inches of water to the pool. When we woke up this morning, we found our pool to be a nice, greenish tint and remembered the hose. I figured the chlorine levels must be low so I ran all of the tests to see what I needed to add. My results were:

TC = 4.5 ppm
CC = 0.5 ppm
pH = 7.5
TA = 170
CYA = 50
CH = 470
Salt = 2640 ppm

We added two bags of salt to the pool yesterday and I've been adding CYA over the last week or so to bring the levels up to 70-80 ppm. The filter ran the entire time the pool was filing.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what is going on and how I can fix it? We have guests from TX coming in on Tuesday and we were planning on lots of pool parties this week! Help!
Jun 5, 2012
Yes, we fill it from a well and we do have hard water.

Yes, it's a clear greenish color. We took a water sample in to a pool store yesterday (before filling) and they found no metals in the water. I know that pool store test results are notoriously inaccurate, however I don't have any other way to test for metals on my own.


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You have metals in the water almost positively. You should be able to add a good quality sequestrant to clear the water. Jack's magic is good. Others more familiar will probably list some others.
Jun 5, 2012
Richard320 said:
It's probably iron in the water. Diluted, it will be a pale yellow-orange. And mixed with the blue color you see in a pool, green.
Ahhhh....that makes sense. I know our well water has a lot of iron in it. I guess I'm off to get the sequestrant. Thanks for your help!