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Feb 21, 2016
Brandon , Fl
Hey all.. I'm new to the pool world and could use some help. Last season I purchased the coleman 9x18x48 rectangle pool. The pump is terrible and doesn't do its job. Would like to upgrade to sand filter. I have heard you can use the intex sand filter with coleman pool. But, I do not know what size to get.

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Hello and welcome to TFP! If my calculations are correct, your pool would be just under 5,000 gallons right? To be clear, not only do you want to consider a sand filter replacement (upgrade), but your pump is inadequate as well. So you might actually be looking a replacing both right? If so, that's good. Often times they go together when calculating good/efficient replacements. It appears that Coleman and Intex fittings are the same, so that's good. As a general rule you want a larger filter and smaller pump than are usually sold in those combination packages. For the pump, a two speed pump will save you a significant amount of money in the long run, since pumps are more efficient when run on low speed. For the filter, you usually want the largest filter you can afford and have room for. Larger filters go longer between backwashes/cleanings and also improve system efficiency.

While waiting for more replies, HERE was a good discussion about a pump/filter combo replacement for a pool similar to yours. There are many other examples, and you should receive several more inputs to your question.

HERE was another good discussion.

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