What Should the Bonding wire be tied to? Inspection?


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Mar 17, 2014
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We are having a pool put in and the builder is pathetic. It has full automation, automatic cover, pool/spa, water fall and deck jets. Once filled (5 weeks ago) the builder's electrician could not come out to hook up the pumps to circulate. After a week and a half I insisted and the electrician came and quickly got the pumps going but did not finish the automation or lights and haven't seen him since. I have been cleaning things up and getting things going myself. I know that there was a bonding wire that ran to the re-bar, lights and all places required and it passed inspection before the gunite. As I was working at the equipment pad I did not see the bonding wire hooked to anything or going into the Pentair EasyTouch control panel. I then noticed it just hanging loose off to the side of the pad (actually through the fence and into my neighbors roses - he has beautiful roses). My question is, what all should the bonding wire be tied to and how? Is that a big deal, should I be concerned? It seems that with my prior pool it ran directly to all pumps and into the control box. We also have pentair intellibrite lights that have not been connected to the breaker yet. Inside the J-box for those I see a lug for, what looks like, a bonding wire but no bonding wire. Is that (those tied to the bonding wire) done at the box or should it be bonded at the j-box as well. Also, is there generally a final electrical inspection or just the one before the gunite? I'm a bit concerned that in a hurry the electrician did not do things correctly or to code and there may be some safety concerns. Thanks!


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May 19, 2010
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It should be connected to all the pieces of equipment that have power at the pad (motors, automation panel, heater, etc). I am not sure if the J-box for the lights need to be bonded or not, certainly would not hurt.