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May 29, 2019
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Moved from here.. Recommendations for the best pool automatic pool cleaner/robot?

Hi - first-time pool owner here. I'm so happy to come across TFP, learning a lot here about keeping the pool going. Our pool is ~48'x24' but irregular shape. I live in NY state and have lots of trees around the pool. Would the Dolphin be suitable for this size & geography?
We just had the pool resurfaced and notice some debris that seems to end up in the pool regularly and leaves stains. Most stains go away in a few days with brushing, but a few have remained. I'm not keen to continue the almost-daily brushing, so hoping the robot would help with this issue!
The pool company I used to do the surfacing is suggesting a supply-side cleaner. From what I have read, this would involve additional equipment and hoses, which I'm not very keen on. I'm guessing the pool companies are less familiar with the robot (or less likely to recommend them) because they don't need to be as involved in their setup and maintenance?
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Jun 26, 2019
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Marina (Margaret there) will help! She talked me into NOT spending money. I thought PB had left me a bad robot, so I wouldn't even unbox it. Lol
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