What pump to buy?


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Jun 10, 2016
Southeast Missouri
Need to replace 1hp pentair challenger single speed. I am looking at Hayward dual speed super pump or hayward variable speed vs pentair dual speed or variable speed. Would like peoples opinions that have used these and what brand is better.


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Been a pool owner of a new build for a year now......did my homework on VSP pumps and BOY has it PAID OFF......can't even tell that I've got something extra running 17.5 hours a day.....Mine is a Hayward.....only brand that "stood above the rest"......hope this helps!

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May 6, 2016
Burlingame CA
I bought a variable speed rather than the 1.5 HP pump recommended by the pool guy about a year ago. Our electricity is more expensive than ever, and I would never go back to single, or probably even dual speed, unless the cost structure changed dramatically. I posted my experience with the Ray-Pak/Speck pump here: My experience with the Raypak 1.65VSP (aka Speck/Badu 1.65)

Other than quirky programming, there's nothing that I think about on the pump...didn't really think about it at all over the "winter," when I had it down to a few hours a day.

Co-worker has a Pentair dual speed and is happy - so much quieter than his prior single speed. Sorry I don't have first-hand thoughts on Pentair vs. Hayward pumps.


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Mar 26, 2014
San Jose, CA
I think he meant that electricity costs in general in CA are higher than they've ever been, hence the need for the variable speed pump. The variable speed pump definitely dropped his electrical usage.

I've got the exact same pump as you with almost identical running time and I too am very pleased with how everything is working out.


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Jun 12, 2011
I replaced a perfectly good single speed with a new Pentair Inteliflo VS 011018. It is so quiet and cost a fraction as much in electricity to run. But even if it never saved me anything on my electric bill, I would still have a VS pump. The ability to setup a daily program with the prefect speed for each task, makes a VS pump worth it's cost. I replaced my old pump with a much more powerful 3 hp pump. But not a problem since you can set any speed or power you need, and even if you worry about someone turning to on at full power, you can even set a maximum speed to prevent that.

My pump comes on, cleans the pool, drops down to the correct speed for my SWG to chlorinate, then slows further for just filtration and circulation, if heat is called for and available at my solar, it speeds the pump to feed the solar panels, and slows back down when finished. All the speeds and changes are programmed right into the pump and happen automatically without needing any automation system (except a solar controller to work the solar valve and trigger the preset solar speed on the pump).


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Jul 14, 2011
St. Paul, MN
I recently bought the Hayward MaxFlo VSP2303. I only need a smaller sized pump, so it was between this one and the Pentair SuperFlo VSP. I chose the Hayward because it had the potential to easily integrate with an automation system, if I ever decided that is something I need in the future. Most of the other smaller variable speed pumps (including older models of the MaxFlo) need the use of relays to integrate with an automation system.