What precautions Can I take to prevent algae growth in our newly building pool?


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Nov 25, 2014
We are building a swimming pool in our backyard for our kids to learn swimming and have some fun. We hired a pool builder from Toronto named Solda Pools. The pool is looking good as of now. But we are a little worried about the algae presence in the pool in the future. Does algae occur frequently in swimming pools. Is there anything that can be done at the time of pool building to prevent future algae growth? What all precautions should be taken to prevent them?


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Maintaining sufficient chlorine in the pool will prevent algae. Algae growth indicates that the sanitizer level in the pool has been allowed to drop below the level required to keep the pool safe. Algae spores are everywhere in nature and are constantly landing in your pool.

To keep up with the sanitizer level, you will need a good test kit and an understanding of water chemistry. Check out Pool School for information on how to maintain your water.


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All you need to do is maintain adequate chlorine levels and you won't get algae. Many of us have gone years without algae blooms. While building, there are a few things you can do. The first is to study pool school, starting with the ABCs. The second is to have your own proper test kit ready for when it gets filled, which is slightly more difficult and expensive up there in Canuckistan as one company has the monopoly on Taylor test kits and charges accordingly. Third would be to install a salt water chlorine generator or an automatic liquid chlorinator during construction. Don't let the builder talk you into ionizers or UV or any of those mineral packs. They don't work well and they're just huge profit generators for the builder. Check out Alternative Sanitizers