What makes TFP different from the rest....


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Since selling TFP and passing the torch, I feel less self-promoting by making this type of post, so I'd like to point out some of the features and benefits that you get at TFP that other sites either don't have or charge a fee for....

Some sites charge for the use of forum features, but not TFP. At TFP, simply by registering for FREE, you are able to:
-- Use the Forum search function
-- Use Text formatting --- the ability to choose different fonts, colors, text styles, smilies,etc. in your posts
-- Use high capacity Private Messaging Inbox to be able to communicate with other members privately on the forum
-- Ability to post links within your posts
-- Ability to post pictures within your posts
-- Ability to create and post an avatar to personalize your posts
-- Unlimited post count
-- Full access to all the articles in Pool School and all the other information necessary to keep your pool clean and clear.

You get all that for FREE with no annoying on-page advertising! :party: Other sites are charging annual fees just to use basic forum functions but TFP allows non-paying users to have full forum functionality for a great user experience. Registering at TFP is also very easy... no invasion of your privacy is required!

If you value the advice and information you find here and do choose to become a TFP Lifetime Supporter, the cost is only $30 (compared to up to $120 at other sites! :shock: ) and the term Lifetime means what it says... not 3 or 5 years, but the lifetime of the forum, which we hope will be very long.

So I'd like to say from my, now less biased, point of view... thanks to all of you who helped begin TFP. Thanks to those who have supported the forum with your time and posts and also to those of you who have chosen to support the site financially to help build it to this point and also thanks to future supporters who continue to help Jason and Dave grow and expand the site and features that we all enjoy!



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Feb 18, 2010
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Good to hear from you Sean! Seems like it's been so long...hope you are doing well!

Thank you for starting this site, and for leaving it in the capable hands of Dave, Jason, the mods, etc. This is by far the best swimming pool forum out there, and believe me, as soon as we get back on our feet, I will absolutely be donating! This place has helped so many, it's good to have a way to give something back.