What kind of rope to use for weighted bottles of bleach tied to cover eyelet?


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Aug 20, 2019
St. Louis, Missouri
I plan on blowing up 2-4 inner tubes and using them to create a runoff system of sorts to prevent heavy water retain-age on the winter cover.
Then I plan on tying bleach bottles to the eyelets to keep it weighted down.

Any suggestions on what kind of rope to use or ideas/hacks on how to make it as non-tedious as possible?

I'm closing early for a variety of reasons, so will be using Polyquat 60. My CYA is high, so SLAM level is 47, reg FC is 15.

Currently at 17.5 (as of yesterday) and while I was losing 4 ppm a day, with our weather lowering a bit, it was only 1 from Monday to Tuesday.

I am closing on 10/6/19. If I bring it to SLAM tonight (47) and continue to lose 4ppm, I'll be at 11 when adding the Polyquat. Is that too high?

It's possible if I bring it to SLAM tonight that it could be significantly higher, possibly still in the 30's!

Do I need to SLAM it first? Actually just coming off a SLAM and still haven't naturally hit my target 13-15 as is.

If no SLAM, what's the target FC for adding Polyquat? Does CYA matter in that case?

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Jun 22, 2009
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I use ball end bungees to support the bleach bottles on our cover. I only fill the bottles about half or a little less full. You may have more wind in MO than we do here, so you may need them a little more full.

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