What Kind of Cover For Our Pool?

Mar 20, 2017
Foster, RI
I was completely shocked today when I put the solar cover we ordered off of Amazon into the pool, and the temp went up 5 degrees (with heater running) in only 20 minutes. Nobody was joking when they said the solar cover would make all the difference in the world!

Now I am trying to figure out how to remove it from the pool when we want to use it. Its heavy. Do they sell anything that rolls it up so we can make life easier until the fall when we hope to install a real cover? Now we are looking at all the automatic cover options. We aren't sure what ones would work with our pool. We are doing a 8" stamped concrete coping around the pool, then using bluestone slabs, and sod to give the pool yard a "english garden" type feel to it. Because the won't be a continuous slab of concrete or bluestone surrounding the pool because of the sod, how the heck do we install a track system for the cover? I know that they make track systems that go in the pool, under the coping, but the problem with that is we have a 20x36 pool with a 4' recess for the stairs to get in and out.

How would a track system work with that recess in the way?I know all you pro's will be suggestions for me. We wanted to have one installed when they built the pool but it was way too expensive (12k quote) so we need other alternatives. Thanks a lot!


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
If you look at my pool build link below, you'll see my tracks laid on the cement deck. They are very low and not a bother in any way to sitting on the pool edge and not a tripping hazard or anything. The tracks would just extend the entire length of your pool to include the recess. My cover is rolled up under the long bench at the end of my pool. A dug-down crypt for the cover will cost more.

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