What I've learned from TFP... So far...


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Jan 16, 2017
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Amazing list! Thank you. There are a few things here I am interested in above, but don't see or read contradicting info on. Anyone agree, disagree or have thoughts on the below?

  1. Flex vs Rigid PVC - It seems that in the Northern part of the US (or places with colder climates) flex is preferred for certain runs. I am not sure this is true or not.
  2. Equipment Pads - Some PBs use condenser-like prefabricated pads. These I believe are made of fiberglass, not concrete. Some posts in the forums suggest this is acceptable and makes it easier in case of leaks with plumbing running under the pad. I am not fond of the idea, but haven't seen it in practice. I am partial as I grew up with a concrete equipment pad with no issues that I recall. Again, I am not sure what is best, but worth noting to add to the above list.
  3. Equipment Pads - Some here have suggested putting a roof or some sort of UV protecting cover over the equipment pad to protect equipment and pipes. I am not sure if this is overkill.
  4. Gunite - The truck used for gunite and even other items (think skid loader) can damage the driveway. Ask if they will use a pumper truck to allow truck to be parked in the street and run the gunite gun to the work site without having to put the truck on your property.


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Mar 24, 2011
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As I read your list, I think, what are the right answers to many of these questions. If I answered them all truthfully would I sound like a terrible builder.
Honestly If someone approached me with a list like that, I would never look back. Would think HUGE PIA, life is not worth it.:gone: (many of you are saying good riddance:rant:)

But.......Those that do good work and have a great rep don't have to do your pool.
You will have to figure out a way to be very tactful with this line of questions, or you very well may turn off the best person for the job.

We are in a tight niche. Over 90% of my customers come from referrals. I don't advertise. I rarely bid against anyone.
I must be doing something right.:-D
I'm not sure I would pass your test.

Nothing speaks volumes like past recent customers. Ask for contact info on the last 5 pools they have built. That will give you a true picture.


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Jan 20, 2017
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What exactly does the $500 extra for glass tile mean? Like $500 extra in labor? We are still waiting for the linear footage for waterline tile and also accent areas for glass tile and also considering a raised wall faced in glass tile so trying to figure out where their cost is going to be. I certainly figured more than $500 extra though...
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