What is the device in the photo?


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May 15, 2017
Little Rock, AR
I'm a relatively new pool owner, and I'm fighting a leak somewhere in the pool. I had a local pool company use a device to scan the pool for leaks, and the device detected nothing. I changed the gaskets on the returns and the skimmer boxes, and the problem has worsened slightly. I want to add some silicone where appropriate. To do so, I'd like to vacate the water around the particular return as I service it. I've attached a photo of a device that I viewed in an online video. What is the device called?



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Aug 30, 2016
Pittsburgh PA
Pretty cool idea. Would've been handy on my previous above-ground when I made repairs to the return.

It's like a mini-dry dock for pool repairs!


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Cofferdam, size scaled to fit your needs. neat idea..
You may be able to take any large round bowl that you can cut in half and put some weather-stripping between the bowl and the pool wall. pump/ suck the water out and the pressure should keep it firmly against the wall.

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