What is my inground bottom?


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Apr 12, 2007
Just got the old liner out and am in the process of measuring for a new vinyl liner. Am looking at the floor of the pool and at first I thought it was concrete when looking at the shallow end. There was lose sand all around the edge, though. Then after looking around more, and gouging around with a screwdriver, I deducted that is was all packed sand. However on the slope it is real shiny and has a white powdery film. With my research around the internet, and seeing the different types of floors that can be used, can any one tell me what my bottom is? I have never seen poolcrete or vermiculite but I am assuming this would be in line w/ a type of concrete, but not sure. I have no idea how old the pool is, if that is one of your questions? Thanks Kay


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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida
Sure, vinyl liner pools always (virtually) have either a compacted sand bottom or vermiculite. Since your description eliminated plain sand, vermiculite is all that's left.