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May 5, 2019
Scottsdale, AZ
I could use some help identifying exactly what part I need to order for repairing my pump that died on me this weekend. The diffuser and mounting plate broke, causing the impeller to grind against the diffuser until snapping the connector to the motor. Unfortunately, the part number of the impeller was on the surface that ground away against the diffuser. A little research and I've come to 3 possible impellers for that diffuser....down to 2 possible impellers based on it being a 1-1/2 HP pump (and being as it's a pool pump, a high-pressure as oppose to being high-flow).

Pentair PanFab Challenger 1-1/2FE, with a dual speed Emerson 1.5/0.25 HP motor
So I am down to the two possible impellers....both would fit in the assembly.
Pentair Impeller 35-5369: Impeller, 1F, 1-1/2A (HP Pump) or...
Pentair Impeller 35-5315: Impeller, 1-1/2F, 2A (HP Pump)

Can someone explain to me exactly what the "F" and "A" designate in the impeller descriptions? I presume 1-1/2F is the same as 1 1/2FE? Knowing this would likely tell me exactly which I should get.
Thanks ahead of time.


May 5, 2019
Scottsdale, AZ
I actually think I found the answer I was looking for by reading another semi-unrelated thread, similar topic, different pump line. "F" (or FE?) would be Full-Rated vs. "A" being Up-Rated....and is designated in my pump model of CHII-N1-1 1/2FE (vs. the similar model CHII-N1-2A which is Up Rated).
Target.Com has: pentair-355315-impeller-replacement-for-challenger-chii-n1-1-1-2f-and-chii-n1-2a-high-pressure-single-speed-swimming-pool-pumps

If anyone who knows better can confirm for me, that would be much apreciated.


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May 3, 2007
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F is for full rated and A is for uprated. FE is for full rated high efficiency. So the F impeller should work fine as long as the service factor of the motor is above 1.45 (2.2 THP).
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