What have we done!!!


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Apr 27, 2017
Pekin IL
We bought a wonderful house in Oct of last year, pool looked beautiful when we saw it. They closed it for the winter and we proceeded to take possession.

We removed the tarp...not too bad...could see the bottom at least :) Started to fill the pool. About 8 hours later we found that as some of the water was going into the pool...most was going into our crawl space and basement. Hault worrying about the pool! So a few days later we have started working on it again.

It's about 17,000 gal, round doughboy pool. We have a sand filter. We have a timer on our electric that our pump plugs into that was in our flooded crawlspace. That has also been giving us fits as it won't run 24 hours. That's really all I know at the moment.

We got most of the big debri out, did the backwash, turned it to filter, threw some shock in it along with some chlorine tablets. Seemed to do something because the water is now a cloudy blue instead of greenish and there is no debris in our pretty pool. We are going to test the level and see what we are working with today after work.

Since the flood we are very concerned with water. This pool is pretty much sitting right outside our house....so any large amount of water not in the pool is going to be tragic.

It has been raining and will be raining for the next few days here in IL. Today before work I went out to make sure there were no floods anywhere and I noticed the skimmer is leaking. It's obviously leaking from the top...I think it is just too full. First question....how full is too full? We filled it up to about where the scum ring was (thinking that's where it should have been)...but now with the rain....maybe it's just too full. Should we dump some out??

Any advice would really be appreciated. I have a 9 and 12 year old that can't wait and a husband that is losing his mind quickly in regards to the pool.

We are complete newbies....so....please any advice....

Thanks so much! When I have more info about the pool and a pic I will post.



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Jul 10, 2012
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Lets start with a big :hug: we can and will help you learn all about your pool,

Water level should be halfway up your skimmer face. I would lower it a little more than that if you are expecting more rain.

I will check in with you a little later.



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May 18, 2016
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Welcome Molly! I can't tell you how much I relate to this:

Since the flood we are very concerned with water. This pool is pretty much sitting right outside our house....so any large amount of water not in the pool is going to be tragic.

My pool equipment is located in a utility room of my finished walkout basement, 9' below the surface of the 8' deep pool. I recently had a plumber come and install a variable-speed pump. (I am not to be trusted with any type of plumbing task) A few days later as I was working in the kitchen, I heard a high-pitched squeal. It seems like everything in my house has a voice: ovens, fridge, freezer, micro, dishwasher, lights, doors, smoke detector, CO detector... I haven't been able to prove it but I'm pretty sure that Siri and Alexa order pizza and invite boys over as soon as my car leaves the driveway...

So anyway, I go on a hunt for the device making this particular squeal and all the usual suspects are soon exonerated. It's coming from the basement. I entered the utility room to find pool water shooting 5' across the floor! Fortunately, in the path of my new chlorinated indoor river is a $12 battery operated water alarm left behind by the previous owners. A pipe union installed by the plumber had split in half. Fortunately the utility room has a sump and a sewer drain, but STILL! I can't recommend these little guys enough! Go buy at least 2 right now!

I also now have a 3rd alarm made by dlink that connects via WiFi and will alert my phone if it detects water. The dlink has worked well in my tests, but the simplicity, cost and proven track record of this one means that everyone I know will get one for Christmas.


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Apr 27, 2017
Pekin IL
Ah!!! Thank you....we will certainly put it on the must buy list :)

We changed the leaky hose last night, and drained it to half way up the skimmer face. No more leaks!! And on a happy note, we can see the bottom of the pool :) We are running the filter for 48 hours and then we will test. Woot Woot!