What glue to use on skimmer/main drains to pvc


Apr 26, 2008
What brand/type of glue do you guys use on the skmimer and main drains to pvc pipe. The install sheets say use an approved pvc to abs glue. Also what glue do you use on the cpvc jandy/pentair valves to pvc pipe. What works best??


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Apr 1, 2007
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My skimmers were all threaded....no glue.........so I'm no help on the ABS

HD/Lowe's has a good selection of glues and, if I remember correctly, cpvc and pvc can be glued with pvc cement.....don't take that to the bank! :lol:


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Sep 7, 2007
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I know that Oatie brand glues make one specific for bonding PVC to ABS. I know that normal PVC glue will still work, you just might not get the max strength out of the fitting.

Being that skimmers/drains are suction side and see little pressure, unlikely to cause problem. Make sure you scuff both sides of the fittings with some sandpaper/emery cloth before gluing.

I used standard PVC glue on my drains/skimmers and pressure tested to 60 psi with no problems...

Just make sure you pressure test BEFORE shooting the gunite!

Also note...When you plug the 2" threaded ports in your drains/skimmers for the pressure test, PTFE paste works much better than teflon tape to seal them.


The all purpose cement is the winner! Ace Hardware sell an all purpose cement also. Be sure to use BOTH cleaner and primer, it will help give you a stronger solvent bond in addition to the mechanical bond.