What Filter Should I Buy?


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Jun 20, 2016
Manchester, CT
We're throwing out our 20 year old DE filter, it developed a crack in the housing. So what should we replace it with? And is there a best time to buy, as far as sales go? 15,000 gallon above ground.


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May 23, 2015
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Another DE filter .... ?

If not dealing with DE is on your wish list, then you can probably go down to a cartridge filter and still not notice a difference in performance. The only caveat is that, for most filter decisions, the biggest one you can afford is best. This is especially true for a cart filter since you want to have to open it up and clean as few times in a given year or season as is practical.

I love my Pentair QuadDE-100 because I've gotten to the point where I only need to tear it down twice per year and clean it out. I do not have to backwash it at all. So two tear-downs per year means going through two 10-lb bags of DE per year, that's it.


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Sep 8, 2016
I'm with JFN. I liked my old DE, I really like my Quad DE80. Dropped my power bill too. I saw a 2:1 reduction in flow friction, and was able to drop by pump speed [and therefore power utilization] to about 170 watts.
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