What else is your pool good for?


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Jun 16, 2019
When we met my PB for the first time we had just left a Wake and were very well dressed. My wife and I could have been stockbrokers for all the PB knew. Immediately after shaking hands he said ‘If you guys get a pool, this guy won’t have to shower for 5 months a year’. Clearly my suit didn’t fool him one bit.
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Divin Dave

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Oct 2, 2013
Longview, Texas
I have a target floating on the water in my pool and I practice hitting golf balls at it with my 54 degree wedge. Flop shots are my favorite.

I also save a lot of water by utilizing it as my primary means of taking a bath, June thru Sept.

And there is nothing ever, that beats a pool when you have an immediate need to cool off from doing yard work, in August, in Texas

I like the others folks ideas of using it for testing fishing lures, casting, and testing out new scuba gear too! I would do it!
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Nov 19, 2018
Tuscola, TX
We use ours to let the frogs frolic and the wasps drink. Wasps don't drink as much seeing as I found and eradicated 7 nests to date.

For whatever reason my wife is completely freaked out by the frogs. Lol


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Jun 16, 2019
This was my first and probably last ever rich guy problem. Spent an hour and a half mowing the acre on a 88 degree 90% humidity day. Darn near couldn’t breathe the whole time. Glancing over at the pool constantly looking forward to cooling off. Finally hopped in when done and the pool was warmer than the disgusting air. Amidst my swimming around massively disappointed, it dawned on me that this was the kind of thing ‘the other half’ of people complain about. Then I was disappointed and embarrassed to have such a trivial complaint.


Aug 28, 2019
Austin TX
Finally hopped in when done and the pool was warmer than the disgusting air.
Our pool is the same way... 90º+ this time of year. (Though the air temp is usually around 100º) Heck, I've already got a bathtub, and it's shadier and indoors. :)

I'm considering making an evaporative cooling tower. I saw some DIY plans for one and am wanting to try it.


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Mar 23, 2019

Agreed, but easier said than done!

These slow 48' Sundancers are pretty easy to capture, but the faster boats require two hands and I never seem to have a photographer (person willing to bring their phone to the pool) when I need one!

Thanks! I now know what my boys are getting for Christmas! ;)