What do you use to protect your pool plastic top rails?


Jun 18, 2014
jasper, IN
In the past, we just power washed the top rails and caps each spring. Even with that, they had gotten pretty bad looking over 16 years. This year, since the rails and caps were off for liner replacement, we power washed, used comet to remove the stains, let dry, then coated with a good automotive wax. They look almost like new now.

Do you all have any tips or tricks for keeping the plastic bits looking good?


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Jun 12, 2016
South Jersey, NJ
We have an owl that sits on the electrical post by the filter and 4 large black fake snakes that we sit on the rails to keep the birds away. Otherwise I'm scrubbing bird droppings all summer off the vinyl top rails. Ever since I found that trick, no more birds on the rails.