What do I need to buy to upgrade pump?

Jul 6, 2016
Hello! I bought a 12' x 24' x 48" Index last year with saltwater/sand system, and the pump that came with it is good for about 8,000 gallons (so really pushing it for this pool). The water just didn't seem to be really clean all season long, and I was vacuuming debris off of the pool floor and skimming regularly. I want to upgrade to the pump that will satisfy a 15,000 gallon pool, but don't know what I need to buy. Do I just buy the pump (about $120 online right now), or do I need to buy the sand canister as well (or can I use my current sand canister with the new 15,000 gallon pump)?

Any direction would be much appreciated. Don't want to spend more than I need to.

Thanks, all!


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Jun 3, 2015
Welcome to the forum!

The best thing I did to help keep my pool clean was install a thru-wall skimmer. Being an Intex owner, I understand that the filter systems that come with the pool are undersized, but if the debris can't get to the filter it's going to stay in the pool regardless of filter upgrades.

When I setup my current pool, I immediately upgraded to the 14" 2600GPH sandfilter system. I ran two full seasons with that system and was able to keep the pool clean with regular brushing, vacuuming, and the installed wall skimmer. The biggest drawback to the system was that due to the small 14" filter, I found myself backwashing after every two vacuumings, and the small pump is just not up to the task of my future plans involving solar and running my auto-vac while still being able to use the skimmer.

If if you are looking to upgrade (& I recommended you do), get a proper sized & dependable pump & filter system from Hayward, Pentair, etc. If you decide to buy the filter and pump separately, be sure that the filter is properly sized to the pool, and the pump is properly sized to the filter.

I hope this helps.