What chemical protectant is best for vinyl cover?


Oct 6, 2009
Greetings all!

My wife and I have a navy blue vinyl Coverstar pool cover (installed by Coverpro), and I want to know what product we should use to clean and protect it. It is...I think...made of Ultragard III material, and this SEEMS to be wearing much better than its predecessor, which was...I think...Ultragard II. I believe the guys at Coverpro said they use Pro Beauty Vinyl Dressing (I have the actual name written down somewhere, but I think that is what they said). My wife and I have used Aerospace 303 protectant in the past (on the preceding cover...we've not yet used anything on this cover). We are interested partly in what to use to clean the vinyl, but more importantly we want to use something that will protect the vinyl from degradation as much as possible. We live in Southern California, near Santa Barbara, so we get a pretty good amount of sun (but we happen to be inland a little bit, so no ocean-related atmospheric chemicals like salt).

We were wondering what people in this forum recommend that we use, and of course we are also interested in what people think we should NOT use. Any advice on preserving the lifespan of the cover is very much appreciated!



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Jun 8, 2009
Rockland County, NY
The best protection for a vinyl cover is "prevention". Acids that come in contact with the vinyl will over a short period of time do irreparable harm. Do not pour acid containing chemicals directly into the pool. They should be highly diluted with water and slowly introduced into the pool. Granular acids should be placed in a sock and floated above the return. Daily brushing of the pool will keep any chemicals that have accumulated at the bottom in circulation (this also will help with algae control). To further minimize damage to my liner, I personally use my skimmer for much of my chemical intro into the pool, but I DO NOT recommend that anyone else do so, unless you understand the inherent risks with doing so.

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Jan 15, 2014
If you would be so kind I also have a coverpro cover what product do you recommend and what product did coverpro recommend? I will soon have to get a replacement cover and if you have any input on the specs of vinyl I should be looking for in a cover?

I found these different types of vinyl cover material....
Dual life
Anyone have any info on these or any other names?

Thank you


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Jun 6, 2013
Just a FYI...we bought a house with a coverstar auto cover that was 10 years old. The cover has the old stitch seams on the edge which started to unravel on one side. We found a company that came out and stitched it back on site for us for $200. We had another company that wanted $600 and had to take the cover off and send it somewhere. The guys that fixed it for us indicated that the cover had been flipped over at one time. They probably did it to make it look like new again is what he said. We are at 13 years now doesn't look like new but we love this cover. I haven't had to vacuum my pool in 3 years since we have had it :mrgreen: . The floor drains and polaris is all I need. I just make sure the cover is closed before storms and skim everything off the cover after.