What are you doing here?????


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We actually had a break in the rain this afternoon and got in with the kids for awhile. The water temp sure has dropped after a week and a half of mostly rain and little sun - still, it was good to get in and swim for a bit.


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Jun 8, 2007
Got in mine for about 3 hours today, then went and shot some fireworks for my kids since I didnt have either of them on the 4th.
Water tempature was nice, no dirt or leafs in it and felt great


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Mar 31, 2007
The Mermaid Queen said:
poolidiot: get some bleach in your pool pronto... add it very slowly and stir it in real well with your skimmer net.
I have been. I have a submersible pump in the pool (to help circulate the water) But with the rain we have had and not being able to filter it , it is not doing much good :oops: Bright side I guess is i should have some pics for canucks(I thin k that is who started it) algae topics :lol: