What are you automating?


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Jul 11, 2007
I have a Goldline Pro Logic PS4 controller on the way, and now I'm having second thoughts as to whether or not I should have got the PS8 instead. Here's what I would like to control:

- 2-speed pump (takes 2 circuits)
- waterfall pump
- pool lights
- spa blower

So, I really need 5 circuits, which is of course why they sell them with 4 or 8 I'm sure. :wink: Now, my spa blower has an air switch but the tubing has cracked so it doesn't work. If I can replace the tubing, then I could eliminate that from the controller and everything will work out.

If I get the bigger controller, what are some other things I should consider automating, so 3 circuits aren't going to waste? Or, is there something I should consider dropping from my list because in your experience it isn't worth it to automate?

BTW - I wish Pentair made a decent remote like the Aquapod or the Jandy PDA, because their system would have fit perfectly since they don't require 2 circuits for the 2-speed pump. But my wife and I really like the PDA style remote.


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Mar 29, 2008
Los Angeles, Ca
The air switch should be pretty easy to fix.

My spa air switches were broken for years, then I finally got motivated, went to the hardware store, and found the right size tubing to fix it with. Was easy to fix, once I decided to do it.



I would go with the ps8 in case you decide to add a heater, solar, low voltage yard lighting, pressure side cleaner w/ booster pump,etc. It's better to have extra relays than not enough for future expansion.


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Sep 19, 2007
I have the Goldline control box. (can't remember which one right now but it is in my siggy, I am sure it is not very fancy). I run my pool lights (2 LED colorlogics), booster pump for polaris, filter, heat pump, 2 sets of extra outlets at the far end of the pool, and have another one available to add if we choose to. I have the remote also and control it from that usually.