What a TFP pool looks like when you open it! :)

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Jun 22, 2009
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Here's a picture of it as I was removing the cover. I don't think that's too bad seeing how it was closed in early November last year.

I decided to open our pool today. I usually open it near the beginning of March, but delayed it this year for several reasons.
It's been kinda warm here so I figured it wasn't going to be pristine, but what a surprise I got.

The first surprise was when I took a sample of the water. I did it to test the pH and to check the CYA. I just knew that there wouldn't be any FC left, but as a matter of habit I filled the chlorine vial when I filled the pH side. I thought, well this is futile but when I put the 5 drops of R-0014 in I went ahead and put 5 drops of OTO in. To my surprise, after a couple of drops I could see yellow. After 5 drops here's what it looked like. Keep in mind that no FC (bleach) has been added to the pool since early November last year.


To my surprise the water is pretty clear with only a little dust in the bottom. Now if I could just talk someone into coming over and vacuuming while maintaining social distancing! :)

Now for the test results;
pH = ±8.2
FC = 2 ppm
CC = 0 ppm
TA = 110
CH = zero
CYA = ±20

So I lost some CYA over the winter. It was about 40 last year at closing. Oh, and I need to get a little acid in there!

So yeah, I'm pretty happy!


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Jun 1, 2018
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just after i pulled the cover off today- we have a storm coming i hope I don’t regret it lol. I closed at around 63 degrees @ slam level - no polyquat. I wonder if I should go up to slam level for good measure? Is that necessary or just a choice?
Fc- 10.5
Cc- 0
Cya - 60
Ph- 7.2
Alk- 70 (i like it @60)
Salt- 2560 on strip