Wet Edge Signature Matrix Vs Prism - PB wants extra to add glass beads to Signature or to upgrade to Prism...


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Feb 15, 2017
Hey everyone,

Quick question, we are remodeling and want to go with a pebble finish. We were quoted Signature matrix and were going to go with Brilliant Blue.
Then I started to read on here and lots of folks were able to have there plaster guys add in a few bags of glass beads and Abalone shells and said it looks awesome.
So we asked PB to see how much it would cost and he said for 3 bags of glass beads and adding the shells it would be $1750 more. Then he said we might be better off upgrading to the Prism Matrix which has the beads and shells already included.

Signature Matrix (Brilliant Blue): Included in base price
Signature Matrix (Brilliant Blue) with glass beads and shells: $1750 extra
Level I Prism matrix upgrade (Cerulean Blue, Lapis Blue, Twilight, Constellation): $1279 extra
Level II Prism matrix upgrade (Blue Lagoon, Southern Lights, Moonlight, Morning Light): $2550 extra

We really liked Indigo Blue but they said it was $4500 more for that!

Why are different colors all different prices within the same Product line?

Is it worth the upgrade to Prism Matrix or just better off added the beads and shells to the Brilliant blue which we already like?
Is there any difference in Prism vs Signature except the beads and the shells?

We are looking for a rich blue color.

Thanks so much!Screenshot_20220426-161553_Photos.jpg
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