We're doing this again! Orlando OB Take 2 - Layout complete 2/24


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Mar 1, 2019
Orlando, FL
@OrlandoBull that is a great point, I will call the county. My husband is an engineer but he is not a pool engineer and when I ask him he has no clue because he is construction, not pool.
They are putting gunite right now in my pool. Hopefully they put the water depth as we only did 5ft since it was going to cost another 2 or 3k for another foot, something about slope and shoring since 5ft from house. They did come out prior to today to remove dirt that had gotten into the pool from the rain and storms we had, something to do with having a certain depth for the concrete so I really hope it gives us the full 5ft. Sorry on the delay for dig, once that happens things seem to move fairly fast considering how many people are building pools right now.