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Jun 3, 2020
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So I’ve had my pool up and running crystal clear for 3 weeks now. I had it filled with tankers/ trucks. I noticed today I want to top off the pool and it needs quite a bit of water. I’m using well water. I definitely have alot of minerals in the water because it clogs the shower heads in the house . We’re new to having a pool and new to living in a house with well water.
1. Should I get the water tested at pool store when I’m done filling ? I have the tf100 kit , but that won’t be useful for metals and minerals right ?
2. If pool remains clear should I just leave well enough alone or still get water tested ?
3. Only thing I’m positive about is , that it’s not sulfur water


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Jun 1, 2018
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You could definitely get your fill & pool water checked for metals (copper & iron) to be more informed that’s about the only test results suggested from the pool store. You can check the ch & other parameters of it yourself. Lots of folks check their fill water so they know what’s going into their pool. 😊
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