Well water fill


New member
Aug 1, 2020
Hello, I am a brand new pool owner and new to this site. We have a new aboveground 18x33x54" pool. We live in the country on a well. I was going to fill the pool by way of the volunteer fire dept. but did not want to wait a week after the pool was installed so I used our well water. I too had been warned that we may have trouble with the well pump or water table in our area with the lack of rain lately. I read and a lot of people do it so I went for it. I kept a close eye on the water in the house for color and outside as we filled and the pressure on the pump. All went good and maybe I lucked out however I would not do it again. It was so much work to scrub walls and the bottom of the liner. We have a aquapro 24' sand filter that did its job very WELL! The first day was scary and I thought that I messed up big time. I did a lot of research and followed some suggestions I read and 4 days later we were swimming! I relied mostly on the filter but moved the water around a lot. My day 2 was scubbing and vacuuming the bottom as overnite it settled and looked like our pond. Day 3 continued with the pump and scrubbed walls and bottom again. Then checked all chemical levels and started my chemical regimen. Day 4 water is crystal clear and looks great. I did run the pump 24 hrs. through day 4 as to get all or majority of iron, rust out of the water. I cannot wait until the weekend for the grandkids to come to swim with MamawG!! I wish everyone luck and happy swimming!!