Well I open the pool


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Mar 31, 2007
Me and the wife took the cover off last night (had a little mishap, part of the sludge on top fell in the pool)so it is a little grungy looking. But I can get that fixed in no time with BBB :eek: My starting numbers are:
FC - .5
CC - 0
TC - .5
PH - 7.5
Alk - 120
All in all not bad for cover freashly off :)
When I went to start pump , my dang ole motor was froze up :twisted: .
So I took the whole motor apart from the filter system and got it freed up and all is well now (well except for having to vacum all the cover mess up).
Added some bleach to shock and now just waiting for vacum to clean up and water temp to warm up.