Weird white stains bushfire related?


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Nov 11, 2018

I have a pool in Australia that is quite near to the mega fire we have in the Blue mountains. It's been subjected to a lot of smoke and ash. Last week an algal bloom happened for the first time since we had the pool. I assumed it was becuse of the added phosphates via the ash and burnt leaves that keep dropping it it. Anyway I managed to get it back to blue by upping the chlorine and using a floculant to make all the Crud sink to teh bottom, and cleaning out the filter cartridge every 24 hours for about 3 days. Although the water is clear again, these weird stains have appeared on my liner. As it's a salt cell vynal pool we've never had an issue with calcium deposits, which I initially thought they were, but they are smooth.

Has anyone seen this before?

Free Chlorine is 10ppms
TA 80
CA is 30
Ph is 7.2

Appreciate any advice.



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G'day and welcome to TFP! :wave: Before we go too far, we'll need learn a bit more about your pool and the situation:
- What test kit are you using? Is it from Clear Choice Labs? In your area, that's probably the best.
- Please post a full set of water results as follows:
- The floc, while perhaps an attractive option at the moment, may have caused other problems, especially if you vacuumed the floc into your cartridge(s). They may not be good anymore as floc is designed to vacuumed to WASTE for those filter systems capable of doing do.
- Have you added anything else to the water other than salt, chlorine, and now floc?
- What type of chlorine/bleach did you add, and can you describe how you added it?
- Update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info.

Let's start there and we'll get yo more help.