Weird pump piping challenge.

I have a new home that I have leased and the current homeowner and the pool maintenance guy cannot tell me what these 2 pipes are for.. Unknown A connects to the heater in line not out line. they are a mystery to me but I am sure some of you guys may know. Can any of you pros tell me or guess what unknown A and B are for?

Also any recommendations on an automation system that is cheap.. this is a leased property so my loss in 2 years.



TFP Expert
Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
First guess would be pipes to and from a solar heat system. On unknown A, which I would say is the return you can see what looks like the vacuum release valve threaded into that elbow and a ball check valve to the left of it. That wire zip tied to the pipe looks like it could be a temp sensor for a solar controller but I don't see any valve actuators so the solar system may no longer exist.