Weigh in opinions on the 2 ez speed motor's lasting and thx to everyone....


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Jun 13, 2013
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I just wanted to first off say thank you all very much for all the help you have given me. I have been reading and researching and the one thing I can say without a doubt is that it makes no sense to get a VS motor over a 2 speed. Practically everyone believes all the hype and you all are so great in taking the time to explain, not once, twice and with some people even 3,4 & 5 times, why it doesn't really make since to buy a VS motor over a 2 speed.

Unfortunately I have run into a few snag's. I thought I would have already purchased my motor but have had some additional expenses with the rest of my yard upgrade and irrigation system. Boy, I wish I had been able to get a Home Warranty with this house. The previous owners didn't take care of anything. I also had to buy a new Heat Pump in November. The house was built in 2004, it's crazy. All new plants due to them not watering and or servicing the irrigation system so that it needs replacement of the timer and I also have to do a lot to replace the water filtration system. Did I happen to mention that I had to spend 6 hours cleaning the master tub and shower! AMAZING!!!

Anyways, enough babbling. This is what I am hearing about the 2ez speed, that it tends to quit sooner then similar motors that don't have the timer because of the extreme heat here. I have considered getting a cover and or like someone also suggested and it would be cheap, doing a simple coolaroo type enclosure over all my pool equipment to keep the sun off it but also for appearance...

On that note, I got all new Solar Screens for only $452 with my estimates from other company's as high as 3K! so if your in AZ let me know and I will tell you who to call. I also found the 2ez motor 1 hp for $279... My other consideration tho is getting a re-manufactured:cool: 2 speed without a timer for $$195 and getting a T106 to run it as I was told that this motor will last longer... Thoughts???


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May 7, 2007
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All motors will last about the same amount of time. Random defects will claim some motors sooner than others, but that affects all brands roughly equally.

The most common way to use a two speed is a manual switch to change speed. You leave it on low speed nearly all the time and only switch it to a higher speed when you specifically need a higher speed. High speed is generally only used when you are vacuuming, backwashing, etc, no point in having on a timer (unless you have a main pump driven pool cleaner).

VS pumps are worth it when you have very high electrical costs, such as in California.

It isn't difficult to rig a small roof to shade the pump, and it doesn't need to be expensive. All it takes are a couple of pressure treated 2x4s and a small piece of metal or plastic shed roof.


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Apr 14, 2011
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Hope this helps:

I ended up getting a regular 2-speed and added a hi/low switch to the circuit. (98% of the time I'm running on low.) No water features or such.

Do you know if your current pump is 115V or 230V. 2-speed motors aren't selectable. You have to buy the correct one. (Most come 230V, but you can get 115v)

Nuts, I didn't see that you have an in ground cleaning system, I not positive but I do believe they have a larger flow demand for proper cleaning. I'm sure some one with better knowledge than me will chime in.
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