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Apr 5, 2019
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Greetings all,
I've learned a lot lurking here in the last couple of weeks as our pool approaches completion - I only wish I discovered this resource much earlier! This is our first pool. We had a lot of rain this winter and our shell has been weeping. The pool builder initially seemed happy to wait for things to dry out now that the weather is warming up. However, earlier this week a crew showed up and installed what the builder called a "Stinger line". To do this they jack-hammered out some gunite around one of the main drains and placed some PVC in there and then ran it up to a pump. I wasn't home when they did this and crazily, after doing this two days ago they haven't even used the pump (to my knowledge). Seems like a big waste to me. My biggest worry, knowing nearly nothing about engineering and concrete, is whether the repairs they eventually make to this area will leave the shell or plaster in the area compromised. What should I be aware of regarding best practices for repairing an area like this? Should I just relax and forget about this?


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What you show in your pics will not effect the gunite integrity at all. Most gunite pools have hole in the bottom until plastered.

The question is will it stop the weeping,, If the problem is just a lot of rain and a temporary issue, then it should fix it. In my case, and unknown to everyone, the pool was built in the middle of small underground spring.. We ended up with 50' of a french drain that is 18" wide and 6' deep.. The french drain dumps the water into a 10' deep pit with a sump pump at the bottom. Water flows into the pit 24/7/365.. it runs even in the middle of the hottest Texas summers...

Thanks and good luck,

Jim R.


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Welcome to TFP! Jim's already answered your question. So I'll just at a pitch to recommend you read Pool Math and get ready to do your testing by running a test on your fill water. You'll need to know this sooner or later and it's good to get a little practice in!

Good luck with your new pool!

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