Weekend Project-replacing old shut off vavles, adding service unions for the future and installing a flometer.


Jun 9, 2019
Poplarville, MS
Hello all. I have some old galvanized valves I will be replacing this weekend. Due to their age they are sucking air and effecting my filters efficiency. I am also going to move these valves to a more accessible location due to the fact they are located directly in the middle of a 40'x16' deck. I have to crawl under anytime I need to shut off my drain valve, like when I am getting ready to manually vacuum.

I am also going to install a flowmeter just for a little added peace of mind that my pump is moving an efficient amount of water, and some unions on each side of my installations for future servicing purposes.

Has anyone ever installed a flow meter in their system? Where in the system is the best place for it?

Also my current plumbing consists of two PVC pipes coming through a concrete slab in to the old galvanized valves, then joining in to one to make the 20 or so feet to the pump. These pipes travel under the joist of my deck. Should I keep this configuration of the two in to one, or pipe them individually closer to the pump before adding my shut offs and joining them together to connect to the pump. The goal is to have the valves more accessible, but if adding more pipe will sacrifice my GPM this change would be working against the bigger picture.