weekend fountain project


In The Industry
Mar 14, 2008
Huntsville, Texas
I built this fountain for my AGP deck. I used a fiberglass pot from the nursery and some 4" PVC pipe painted brown. I had an old well hand pump that I plumbed into a feed off of the main pump system. The picture makes it kind of hard to see but water is flowing out of the hand pump spout. It flows nicely and adds a nice water sound to the pool area. Was a fun project!



Mar 10, 2012
XsAllOverIt said:
It's very nice, but how do the plants live with chlorinated water?
There is a piece of pipe running up and sticking out of the pot. The water comes out of the spout and goes into the piece of pipe and out of the one sticking out. So the plants will most likely never come in contact with the pool water.

When i built my pot water feature like that i will try to post pictures.

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