Wedding Cake Steps


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Jul 10, 2012
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They are all good. Just know you will need to be EXTRA mindful of taking them out every once in a while to do a deep clean as they are algae farms :( We gave ours away for that reason.


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Jun 22, 2009
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Look for flow thru models. There are models that are more open in the back which allows better circulation and better sanitation.

Here's one such model and there are others. There are models for both deck mount and with outside ladders for those without decks.
I have wedding cake steps and really like most things about them. I still have a couple kids that can't touch bottom and this is a good place for them to hang out when they are playing. I have not had trouble with them harboring algae. The steps I have are Majestic 8000 ( you can see a picture on Amazon). I find the weighted sand tube in the steps incredibly difficult to remove when it's time to pull the steps out of the pool and even though it hasn't been a problem in 3 seasons, I have concerns about the arm that attaches the steps to the pool deck. I worry that I'm going to bend or break it when I install the steps. My pool deck is under the top rail. If your pool deck is above the top rail, this set up will work much better.